Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to cancel the 'stubborn' job/queue in Project Server

When working with Project Server, sometimes you meet a failed process or failed job in Manage Queue Jobs. Its job state is 'Getting Queued'. You tried to cancel it but it's still there. In this case, you cannot force check-in the related project.
To 'kill' it and allow other jobs to run, what you need to do is enable an additional option in order to cancel the jobs.
- Login to PWA as an Administrator
- Going to Server Settings - Manage Queue.
- On the Manage Queue Jobs page, expand the Advanced Options
- Enable the "Cancel jobs getting enqueued."
- Select the particular item in the queue that's stuck and click the Cancel Jobs button.
This should cancel the blocked job and then allow the other correlated/related jobs to go through.

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