Saturday, March 20, 2010


You need to create a report to display the issue date and total items issued of your warehouseissue table. If the item has not been issued your report must display not issued. If the total is not available your report must say not available. In the warehouseissue table the issue date column has a data type of date the total column has a data type of number. Which statement do you use to create this report?

A. Select itemid, issuedate "Not issued", total "Not available" FROM warehouseissue;
B. Select itemid, NVL(issuedate, 'Not issued'), NVL (total, "Not available") FROM warehouseissue;
C. Select itemid, NVL(TO_CHAR(issuedate), 'Not issued'), NVL(TO_CHAR(total), 'Not available') FROM warehouseissue;
D. Select itemid, TO_CHAR(issuedate, 'Not issued') TO_CHAR(total, 'Not available') FROM warehouseissue;

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