Thursday, October 18, 2012

PosgreSQL: get main configuration files

SELECT name, setting FROM pg_settings WHERE category = 'File Locations';


postgresql.conf controls general settings, such as how much memory to allocate, default storage location for new databases, which IPs PostgreSQL listens on, where logs are stored, and so forth.

pg_hba.conf controls security. It manages access to the server, dictating which users can login into which databases, which IPs or groups of IPs are permitted to connect and the authentication scheme expected.

pg_ident.conf is the mapping file that maps an authenticated OS login to a PostgreSQL user. This file is used less often, but allows you to map a server account to a PostgreSQL account. For example, people sometimes map the OS root account to the postgre’s super user account. Each authentication line in pg_hba.conf can use a different pg_ident.conf file

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