Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oracle quiz

You need to analyze how long your employees are working for your company from the
date that they are hired to the end of quarter 1/2010. To do this you must create
a report that displays the employee id, employee name, hire date, and the number
of months in whole numbers from the hired date to 03/31/2010. Which statement
produces the required results?

A. SELECT empid, empname, hired_date, ROUND(MONTHS_BETWEEN
('03/31/2010',hired_date)) "Time Taken" FROM emp;
B. SELECT empid, empname, hired_date,ROUND(DAYS_BETWEEN
('03/31/2010',hired_date))/30 FROM emp;
C. SELECT empid, empname, hired_date,
ROUND OFF('03/31/2010'-hired_date) "Time Taken" FROM emp;
D. SELECT empid, empname, hired_date, MONTHS_BETWEEN('03/31/2010',hired_date)
"Time Taken" FROM emp;

Highlight to find out the answer.

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