Friday, October 12, 2012

Create a Virtual Active Directory Domain Controller with VirtualBox

I need to query Active Directory by using SQL Server, so I created virtual Active Directory Domain Controller to do that.

1. Install Windows Server virtual machine, such as Windows Server 2003

2. Install Client virtual machine, such as Windows XP

3. Set up network



4. Set up new Adapter for each machine, use the adapter set up on Step 3


5. Run Windows Server machine

6. Install Active Directory by following steps after running dcpromo


7. Set up IP Address on Windows Server, note that IP address must be in the range set up in Step 3


8. Set up IP Address on Client machine


9. Create a domain user for client machine in Domain Controller

To allow domain user as local admin, please visit this link

10. Register client machine in domain controller which is defined in Step 6, then input user name/pwd defined in Step 9


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